About Us

The Astoria Baseball Foundation was originally formed in 2010 by a group of concerned citizens to assist the high school baseball program in raising funds to aid the team in hopes of earning another state championship. We helped with field improvements, assisted in completing the new batting cage facility and helped fund the summer baseball program. Our original mission was to support and maintain Astoria’s youth baseball program while improving outdoor facilities to increase activities for our entire community.

In 2011, our group became a non-profit foundation and secured a lease from the city to take over responsibility of the new 6000 sq. ft. batting cage facility. By leasing the batting cage, we took over responsibility of power bills, maintenance of the building’s exterior and interior, the responsibility for scheduling the use of the facility while providing safety training to those with access to the batting cage. We soon realized the batting cage would need to be a priority for us to keep up with maintenance issues and to upgrade the facility as financially feasible. We have the fortunate “problem” of having to continually repair equipment that is worn out from the large number of kids using the facility year-round.

Our major projects for 2011 included:

-Upgraded security (changed locks and redistributed keys to trained users)

-Installed brighter, energy efficient light fixtures

-Made repairs to netting and safety screens

-Purchased balls and other worn out equipment

-Paid for sewer connection which allowed for an operational sink in the concession stand used by Astoria Youth Athletics and other youth baseball teams

-Installed restroom facilities in the AHS locker room

-Held a youth advanced hitting camp in December

-Funded a portion of the new outfield fencing for Aiken field

-Provided funds for Cal Ripken World Series team and continued our support of the AHS baseball program

In 2012, our major projects included:

-Upgrading locker room & restroom facilities at the batting cage

-Installing a hot water heater for the concession stand.

-Installed new metal doors & weatherproofed the batting cage to ensure longevity of the facility.

-Repaired safety screens, netting and replaced worn out equipment.

-Held a youth advanced hitting camp in December.

-Installed video equipment to aid coaches and players.

In 2013, we focused our attention on drainage issues at Aiken field.  John Whisler (Superintendent, Astoria Golf Club) helped us design a drainage system to help eliminate the “lake” that formed in the right field area and in front of the visitor’s dugout.  Many playoff games have needed to be moved up to Portland area fields as Aiken field has often been unplayable.  This results in more school time missed by Astoria students and additional travel costs to the high school and fans.  With the help of volunteers, we were able to complete this project and it is working great!  We plan on installing additional drainage further out in right field in 2014.

The 2013 baseball season also saw the return of Coach Dave Gasser as the varsity head coach. Coach Gasser, the state’s all-time winningest baseball coach came to Astoria in 2006, and led the Fishermen to their first state baseball championship that season.  With Gasser as coach, Astoria made the state semifinals five years in a row and appeared in the state title game four times, winning another title in 2009.

2014 Accomplishments

We are in the process of completing a momentous terracing project that will transform Aiken field into a top-notch baseball facility for players and fans alike! We also have a new 30-foot high net backstop to enhance viewing and provide increased safety for fans.

-Built a new regulation sized pitching mound and home plate area with a base of clay bricks.

-Purchased additional pitching machine balls to have an ample supply to run a full practice session.

-Assisted two Astoria High School students with their senior projects. This resulted in a new 3rd-base line table for fans, weatherproofing the batting cage, replacing exterior boards and developing a yearly maintenance manual for the upkeep of the cage. Thank you Ryan Helligso (Helligso Construction) for your assistance and expertise.

-Aerated and sanded Aiken field. Thank you John Whisler and Astoria Golf Club for the use of equipment.

-Installed a new cinder warning track around the infield area.

-Provided funds for the summer Astoria Ford baseball program.

-Held a successful annual holiday youth hitting camp.

-Provided funds for the Cal Ripken 12-year old all star team to attend the Regional Tournament in Montana.

-Replaced worn out practice and safety equipment in the batting cage.

Our next project is to install an electronic entry system for the batting cage giving more players and parents access and enhancing security.   This system will also provide an ongoing revenue source to continue making improvements and maintaining the batting facility, while also remaining very affordable for our users. New backstop padding will be installed soon to improve play on the field and we hope to buy a used mower to keep the outfield in shape.

Other 2015-2016 Accomplishments

-Acquired a tractor to maintain the infield and a backpack blower to keep the new terracing area clean. Thank you to Clatsop Power for their continuing support.

-Repaired first base dugout. Thank you Helligso Construction.

-Aerated and sanded Aiken field. Thank you John Whisler and Astoria Golf Club for the use of equipment.

-Held a successful annual holiday youth camp.

-Replaced worn out practice and safety equipment in the batting cage.

-Added practice equipment. Thank you Coach Gasser.

Our foundation has made some great improvements for our youth this past year and will continue to do so in 2016. You can help by renewing your $100.00 membership or joining as a new member. Please send your tax deductible donation to the Astoria Baseball Foundation – PO Box 1162 – Astoria, OR 97103

Phone 503-325-2098
501(c)(3) charitable organization Tax ID# 27-5409247